21 August 2011

WWI Patriotic embroidery from the Australian War Memorial

This embroidery is in the collection of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.  Here is the description:

Patriotic souvenir embroidery on blue cotton sateen, mainly in red, white, blue and black couched longstitch. The top of the embroidery bears the words 'UNITED WE STAND', and a king's crown. There are Allied flags down each side of the cloth. The centre, underneath the crown and within an embroidered laurel wreath, once bore a 'padded' cloth photograph frame in the shape of a life buoy and a portrait photograph. Both of these are now missing, although the marks made by them can be clearly seen. Underneath the missing frame is a painted picture of a naval engagement between British and German ships, possibly representing the Battle of Jutland in 1916. The picture is 'framed' by brown fabric made to look like brown rope.

Read more: http://cas.awm.gov.au/item/REL/06667

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