09 January 2012

Elizabeth II : Diamond Jubilee : emblems and logos

A couple of Commonwealth countries have released Diamond Jubilee emblems/logos.  Very traditional in style, nothing like the charming originality of the official UK logo design.  Here's the UK one, in English and Welsh (read more about it and past logos here):

Here's the NZ emblem for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, released at the end of November:

More information: click here.  From that link (the New Zealand Governor-General's site) comes this description:
"The emblem has been officially approved by Queen Elizabeth II.  Its diamond shape represents the 60 years of her reign.  Other features of the emblem include a gold koru, manuka flowers and the Royal Cypher, the Queen’s personal emblem.  The emblem was designed by Phillip O’Shea CNZM, LVO, New Zealand Herald of Arms."

And here is the Canadian choice for their emblem on this occasion:

More information - click here and here.  From the second source, some more about the design:

"The Diamond Jubilee emblem design was inspired by the 2002 Golden Jubilee emblem. It is a symbolic statement of the enduring relationship between Canada and The Crown, as personified by Her Majesty The Queen, Canada's Head of State. 
The Royal Cypher is The Queen's monogram below St. Edward's crown. It is used in the insignia of orders, decorations and medals, and on various badges. Beneath the Royal Cypher, a red maple leaf is positioned on one stem and disposed on a diamond. The numeral "60" denotes the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty's reign as Queen of Canada.
Rising up on either side in a wreath formation are a series of maple leaves in graduated tones-from crimson red to brilliant gold to forest green-representing our provinces and territories, as well as the seasonal beauty of Canada."

Wikipedia has a page about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee here.

I still like Katherine Dewar's UK design best.

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  1. I like the colours and design of the New Zealand logo, it would look good in cross stitch. I hope Australia is releasing an official logo, I am waiting for it!!!
    The U.K logo is finished framed and on my wall. Thanks for the free down load.


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