22 February 2012

Elizabeth II silver jubilee sampler from the Royal School of Needlework

The Royal School of Needlework often designs samplers/embroideries/needlework pieces as patterns and/or kits to commemmorate royal occasions.

Here is a design created for Elizabeth II's silver jubilee in 1977:

This example was for sale on eBay, partially worked as you can see.

Below is a different example, the work finished, also from an auction.

I'm not sure where else you can buy RSN kits at the time when they are current apart from in their online shop; but they do have an online shop.  Click on the link above to their site and follow the shop link to find it.  Commemorative kits likely have a limited run and when they're sold out, they're gone.

The Royal School of Needlework has, of course, a long association with the royal family.  Their most famous recent work being on Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

08 February 2012

Elizabeth II: coronation embroidery with Coach, Abbey and Palace II

In the first blog entry called

Elizabeth II: coronation embroidery with Coach, Abbey and Palace

I showed this example:

Here's another example from a recent eBay auction, demonstrating as this usually does that the individuality of the embroiderer shows through, even with the same pattern:

...and a third example:

You can see a fourth example on the blog Linens and Royals, by clicking here.

If you know of the source of this design - I'm guessing it was a transfer, so it could have come from a newspaper offer or magazine or a thread/pattern company - please do leave a comment.

06 February 2012

Accession : diamond jubilee

For all the boaty fiery celebratory things which will happen later this year, I thought I should note that today is the actual anniversary of Elizabeth II's accession, and therefore the precise diamond jubilee date.

05 February 2012

Elizabeth II: coronation traycloth

A rather nice traycloth for the coronation of Elizabeth II which sold on eBay.  I like that font.
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