25 December 2011

Elizabeth II: Christmas message 1952

In 1952, following the example of her father, George VI, the new Queen Elizabeth did her first Christmas broadcast, which included the words in the embroidery above.  This was an example from eBay this year.  As with other embroideries (as opposed to cross-stitch designs), the examples I've seen show the variations produced by embroiderers with different levels of skill and who have made individual variations to thread colour (I don't think it's always fading from sunlight - if you look at the letter E on the side in these examples, it's in a single colour in one, and more than one colour in another).  I suspect this must have been a transfer, as the examples I've seen are on different colours of evenweave linen/cotton, from light cream to deeper beige/brown.

You can read more about the Queen's 1952 Christmas broadcast on her website (click here).   That page has links to all her Christmas messages.

Here's another version of this sampler:

...and another...

...and another, that had a couple of detail photos too..

Christmas Greetings!  I plan to continue documenting British patriotic samplers in this blog into the future.  It fascinates me how many there are, and how many people have chosen to make them.  Particular thanks and greetings to Sylvia at Linens and Royals for her much appreciated comments and for being so inspiring with her amazing collection of British patriotic samplers.

If you know more about this design eg. where and how it was published, please do leave a comment.

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  1. Greeting to you too Ruth and yes I do have this sampler in my collection. Once again I know nothing about it, I bought it on ebay and I think I was the only bidder and didn't pay very much. I can see signs of a transfer and the colours are the same as your pics so perhaps it was a kit.
    My sampler is expertly embroidered and came in very good condition. I have the full speech in one of my books. Sylvia


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