21 April 2012

Wartime embroidery from World War II: four images

This embroidery was for sale last year.  It seems likely to date from the 1940s.  Would someone have stitched it much after the war had ended? But in wartime, would someone have had the thread and fabric to make this? Was it featured in a magazine or newspaper, and how would this have been affected by paper shortages?  It could have been based on a transfer, but that's guesswork only.

Anyway, it's a fascinating stitched insight to a particular time.

I can only make out three of the four tag lines:
where the Navy reigns, guard the streets, ?? and plough the land.  Under REMEMBER there might be a date on the blue banner.  The tag line I can't make out looks to be something related to the services, judging by the badges - Army, Navy, RAF?

If you know any more about this design, please leave information and link/s in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. An amazing piece of embroidery, it should be in a museum. I like the London burning corner the most.


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