04 June 2012

Map sampler: Leicester and Rutland

As with last week's map sampler of the British Isles, I'd date this as early to mid- twentieth century: the label on the back has a twenties/thirties art deco sort of feel, to me.  Rutland as a county was abolished in 1974 and reinstated in 1997, but this sampler predates those governmental choices.

Here's a map from Wikipedia to show the location of Leicester:

The font used in the sampler, especially on the surrounding county names, is very close if not identical to that from the British Isles sampler in the previous entry.  There's a sort of local patriotism in this being stitched, county loyalty.  I can understand why someone would be moved to stitch a document of their part of the world; haven't human beings been doing this forever? All sorts of drawings and artworks and human creations are maps, of one kind of another.  This one adds as pictures a compass (very mappy), a coat of arms? or is it a Celtic knot? and what looks like a ruined castle and is probably a local landmark.  As its focus is more local than the British Isles one, it shows in stitched names a goodly number of towns and villages.

I'm guessing it was a transfer design.

If you can provide any clues about the origin of this design or any other information about it, please leave a comment with any useful links.

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