14 October 2012

Dig for Victory wartime sampler

An embroidered sampler no doubt dating from some time during World War II as it features one of the best known slogans/catchphrases of the time, Dig For Victory.  The top lettering says "Save vital shipping space" - it's an intriguing mix of the positive, bucolic and ominous.  It measures 22cm x 37cm.  Sold for nearly GBP85.00

If you know any more about this design - who designed it, how it was sold, whatever - please leave a comment to share your knowledge.


  1. This is a great sampler, and I wish I had seen it before I did my post today on the Ministry of Food. I love the WW2 samplers you sometimes feature (well, I like them all, but especially those)

  2. I don't know where you find these amazing samplers. This is another one I wish I had in my collection. Still, I can't have everything I want and I know nothing about this sampler. Sylvia


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