25 November 2011

Elizabeth II: Diamond Jubilee (II)

More Diamond Jubilee designs I've found.

From One Off Needlework, a cross stitch design with a more unusual palette of blues and greens displaying the plant symbols of Britain.  You can find the kit (with Aida cloth) here for £27.96 and other places have it (eg. Majesty magazine).
The next design is being marketed on eBay UK and also through the designer's Etsy site.  There doesn't yet seem to be a stitched example: instead, the images look like computer generated ones showing a whiter background and more cream toned background.

The designer's Etsy site is NeverDyingPoet - click here.  The Etsy sales are in PDF form, emailed (?the modern version of the transfers sold for coronation samplers?).

If you find Diamond Jubilee samplers I haven't already featured here, please do leave a comment with a link to alert me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure I like the first sampler and the colours don't look right. It doesn't look impressive enough for such a huge history making event. The other two I don't like at all, much too simple. I will wait for more designs to come out.


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