27 November 2011

Houses of Parliament

On eBay this year there have been several embroideries featuring buildings with royal associations, including this Houses of Parliament one with Big Ben and, in the foreground, the Thames.  They have been done in this impressionistic style of embroidery, quite fine stitching/thread, sometimes with a single thread colour like this one, and sometimes with multiple colours.  I wonder if they were transfers?  It seems unlikely that they were done freehand, and I can't see how they could be charted (well, they're not cross-stitch).  I've seen a couple of other examples which I'll add to this blog in the future.

If you know any more, please do leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. A very nice piece of embroidery and one I would love to have in my collection if I didn't lack both wall space and money. I did start a cross stitch of St Paul's Cathedral but now it sits at the bottom of my UFO stash.


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