08 January 2012

Elizabeth: golden jubilee roses sampler, 2002

This is a magazine chart, with the magazine buyer free to make it as a cross stitch or as a needlepoint/tapestry, depending on their preference.  It commemorates the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

I find it boring, myself.  OK, roses represent England, but these look more derivative of that Old Country Roses china that is insistently yellow and stridently red than the more subtle or Tudor-style roses found on other royal embroideries.  Still and all, that's apparently a hugely popular china pattern so maybe this design found its aficionadoes. I get that it's got the golden thing happening, but it doesn't do anything for me.  My second gripe is that it looks kinda pastiche - you could take out the words and it's just another cushion design. Compared to other jubilee designs from the 20th century - Georges V and VI, and earlier Elizabeth ones - this has a lot less royal symbolism or interest in the design, for me anyway.  Maybe you disagree.  That's your privilege.

There's a certain harmony, when you put a bunch of British patriotic/royal samplers together on a wall - design echoes, colour repetition.  This one wouldn't fit in at all, in my opinion.  Not that I mind something different (see the next picture): but I think this design lacks appeal.

2012 marks the Diamond Jubilee for Elizabeth II, so it will be interesting to see what sorts of commemorative designs are published in magazines and produced as kits this year.  I just LOVE the Diamond Jubilee logo:

Read more about it(and other QEII  jubilee logos) in an earlier blog entry here.
As you spot any Diamond Jubilee designs (online, in magazines, in kits etc) do leave a comment here so I can add them to the array.  Thanks!

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  1. You are right about this sampler Ruth, it is too pretty and discreet. At the very least it needs bolder lettering. Even a flag or two might help. I think the sampler from Riverdrift has it all in only seven colours. Little guardsman,crown, symbols and flags. A perfect example of what I think a sampler should be.


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