18 January 2012

Elizabeth II : diamond jubilee : Girl Guide challenge

Further to the last blog post, I was interested to find that the UK Girl Guides have a Diamond  Jubilee challenge, which includes this:

Cross stitch a sampler or book mark to celebrate the jubilee
(This could count towards your Brownie or Guide Craft Badge).

I wonder what will be made?  Let me know if you discover any, or anywhere online that photos are being shared.

The knowledgeable Sylvia at Linens and Royals tells me that this  coronation design may well have been promoted through the Girl Guides:

See more examples by clicking here.  I wonder if that's why this one is often found signed (unusual for British patriotic samplers).  And the workmanship on examples of this design is often less fine than you generally find.  We agreed that it seems likely to have been distributed as a transfer already printed on fabric - the examples we've seen have just enough fabric, but only just.

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