08 February 2012

Elizabeth II: coronation embroidery with Coach, Abbey and Palace II

In the first blog entry called

Elizabeth II: coronation embroidery with Coach, Abbey and Palace

I showed this example:

Here's another example from a recent eBay auction, demonstrating as this usually does that the individuality of the embroiderer shows through, even with the same pattern:

...and a third example:

You can see a fourth example on the blog Linens and Royals, by clicking here.

If you know of the source of this design - I'm guessing it was a transfer, so it could have come from a newspaper offer or magazine or a thread/pattern company - please do leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link. This sampler, or any sampler featuring the gold coach is one of my favourites. Though my coach hasn't been fully filled in with embroidery as is shown in the top example. I have just been given a wonderful GeorgeVI traycloth, it will be on my next post. People are so very generous to me.


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