29 March 2012

Cross stitch designs based on photographs: the Queen Mother

I've got longer discussions of the pros and cons of photographic cross stitch designs in the two earlier entries in this blog.  For now, two examples of designs featuring Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

A 1999 design (ref 76951) from The Craft Collection, sold with chart, thread, 14 count aida.  Design approx 22cm x 38cm.  It has been stitched, with the stitched example illustrated on the cover of the pattern.

from eBay seller designs-in-thread, sold with chart, thread, aida (doesn't specify size) and 'colour picture of the design' (ie. probably hasn't been stitched).  Design approx 8in x 18in.  Cost  £22.95.

There are some nice earlier naive designs - outline faces, for example - on earlier George VI & Elizabeth embroideries.  Sylvia at Linens and Royals (see link in sidebar) has some in her collection from the 1937 coronation, for example click here and click here.

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  1. I stitched the top Queen Mother ten years ago and I think it was the most difficult one I have stitched. There were blended colours, half and quater stitches and back stitches. The threads weren't pre-sorted and I had trouble sorting the pinks. When it came to backstitching each pearl on the necklace I cried ENOUGH and didn't do that. Having said all that I am very happy with the finished result. I would never attempt the seated QM, it looks like an impossible to stitch computer chart and I have enough of those. Sylvia


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