14 May 2012

Elizabeth II: coronation: Radio Times embroidered cover

How could any patriotic Briton, obtaining the Radio Times weekly to know what was on the radio (and television, if you were among the privileged few) who wouldn't want to make a special embroidered cover for your weekly magazine?

What is the Radio Times? "Radio Times is the BBC's weekly television and radio programme listings magazine. It also provides on-line listings. Radio Times was founded on 28 September 1923, and originally carried details of BBC radio programmes in response to a newspaper boycott of radio listings. It was at one time the magazine with the largest circulation in Europe."

Isn't this fabulous? I'm guessing it was either a transfer or transfer and fabric kit (or fabric with the transfer already applied).  Maybe from the Radio Times?  Hmmm, I wonder if their back issues are archived online?

Gives proper gravitas to the TV guide, doesn't it?

Here's an image from an eBay auction (from which I sourced the above quote) of the Coronation issue of the Radio Times.  Don't know if it was the one which included this embroidered design (mightn't you want to make it ahead of time?)

I can't quite imagine anyone now making a royal commemorative embroidered cover for their TV guide, or book, or any magazine.  It's like the George VI embroidered chairback from this blog entry last December.  Of its time, and eloquent of it, and pointing out how times and houses and social history change.

If you have any clues as to the source of this design, please leave a comment with any links you can provide.

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  1. The Radio Times cover was featured in the mag. Needlewoman and Needlecraft No.54. It states Radio Times Cover design No. 26. "The design is traced on good quality grey linen, cut large enough to cover the cardboard interior provided.
    Clark's 'Anchor'Stranded Cottons are included to work the embroidery, together with needle and instruction chart." Price 9/11. On the same page you could also send for a Coronation Wastepaper Box cover Price 13/6. I bought the mag. on ebay and it is full of great offers and includes a Briggs transfer sheet for embroidered broochs. Sylvia


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