07 May 2012

Elizabeth II : golden jubilee : little crown samplers

This looks as though it might be from a magazine cover giveaway, a little souvenir, inexpensive to package and quick to stitch.  Alternatively, the stitcher might have abstracted the crown and initials from a larger sampler, and chosen to just stitch these.  If you know any more about this one, please leave a comment to contact me.

The example below was a magazine cover giveaway, from Cross Stitcher magazine sometime in the golden jubilee year of 2002.  It's not the same crown, so the one above isn't adapted from the one below.  It is, you will note, a "luxury" souvenir gift!

I'm sure there will be similar offerings from the cross stitch magazines in 2012.  Only you won't get them if you subscribe to the magazine digitally via Zinio!  The magazine does provide the chart and instructions inside the magazine, so even if you don't get the kit of aida, thread and needle (and frame, if that's part of the giveaway) you can still stitch the cover giveaway designs.

1 comment:

  1. I like the simplicity of the little top sampler but know nothing about it.
    I still have the giveaway kit from a magazine in the bottom pic. The frame was included and I'm sure I'll use it...one day.


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