07 July 2012

Elizabeth: golden jubilee: row sampler chart

A bit on the cutesy side is this magazine chart for a golden jubilee sampler.  With various royal symbols in rows in a generally symmetrical organisation, it's a little toytown in style.  Making liberal use of royal purple and (inevitably) gold, including metallic threads, it's an attempt to be 'modern'.  As seems to be generally true, it's cross-stitch rather than embroidery.  Cross-stitch is easy to print and incude in documents; the coronation samplers of the twentieth century were from an age of transfers sent through the post (whether embroidery transfers or cross-stitch done with transfers).

If you know more about this, or have a worked example photo which could be added here, please let me know via the comments.

1 comment:

  1. This is one I stitched from a magazine chart, can't remember which one and I didn't keep the mag. I do remember I couldn't find the outline thread here and had to ask a cousin in London to buy it for me. Now I would just buy it over the internet. I have also stitched the Anchor kit from your previous post. I first saw the kit in London, didn't buy it for some reason, changed my mind then had to buy it on ebay. Sylvia


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