30 October 2011

Elizabeth II: coronation brooches

In an online auction, this lot consisted of this Briggs Transfer coloured cover and inside, the transfers to embroider the brooches - a Queen's head, flowers of Britain and some of the Commonwealth, and two buildings - Windsor Castle and ?perhaps the Tower of London?.  I would assume that it also had thread colours and perhaps stitching instructions, but some transfer pattern books of the time did not.

A smaller alternative in time and scale for the embroiderer who can then wear her patriotism on herself, rather than on her wall.

If you know any more about this or have pictures of examples to share, please leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. I have 2 of the embroidered oval brooches in my collection. One bought on ebay and one from a local market. I also have a Briggs booklet of coronation transfers incl. broochs and a copy of Needlewoman and Needlecraft with lots of coronation patterns but most of the transfers had to be sent for except for some Briggs transfers included and these could be used for broochs etc. None of them are the same as your examples.
    I also have 2 Briggs transfers for samplers for the Royal Wedding in 1947, just wish I had time and the skill to embroider them.


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