23 October 2011

Elizabeth II: Coronation sampler with red coach

While last week's coronation sampler featured a heavily embroidered gold coach, the examples I've seen of this one generally feature the coach done mainly in red.  As a whole, it's a bit more lavish/whimsical/embellished than last week's design.The photograph often looks as though it's from a newspaper - I wonder if the design was originally from a newspaper?  I've seen a couple of different photos used in this design, but this is the one I've most often seen.  This image is from a past eBay auction (the item sold). 

My guess is that this was a transfer design, and not sold as a kit, as I've seen variation in colours used on it which imply that while there was a colour picture for guidance, the final choice was the embroiderer's.

If you know where this design was published, or any more information, please do leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. I have that sampler in my collection Ruth, I have seen a few on ebay. Mine is stitched in different colours to your example and the coach not filled in. My sampler came without the picture of the Queen and a clever family member scanned a photo and printed it on fabric for me-looks good. I don't know anything more about this sampler.
    I would love to own the EdwardVIII you displayed on Aug. 28th. What a rare sampler that is, never seen it before.


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